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Dane PowellTaking up challenges
When looking up at the side of a cliff, Dane Powell sees opportunity to climb high when others may see an insurmountable obstacle.
David KaoEnergy for research and marathons

David Kao is a devoted runner who uses the three-mile outer loop that encompasses Rice as both a track and a pathway to research.

Emily McCarthyBuilding the bridges of tomorrow

Emily McCarthy is a problem solver, one who's looking at bridge structures to see how they can be improved.

Garrett GrolemundVisualize this: Large data sets

Garrett Grolemund is a man with a mission: make analyzing data less of an art and more of a science.

Graduate student profile: Troy RuthsChoosing bioinformatics over hoops

After playing on a national championship basketball team, Troy Ruths turned his talents to computer science.

Luke BoyerReinventing asphalt

Luke Boyer spends time in the lab, but also takes advantage of opportunities to learn about business and entrepreneurship.

Meagan WhaleyApplying math to language learning
Meagan Whaley is using math to unlock secrets of language acquisition.
Michael DietzThinking like a hacker
Michael Dietz has been writing code since before high school and now he's focusing on security.

Pei DongNanoscience for renewable energy
Pei Dong has found an interest at Rice: using nanotechnology to create renewable energy.
Risa MyersData mining in healthcare
Risa Myers works across the street from a treasure trove of data for her research.

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